My work explores the female figure through a series of intricate portraits made through drawing,  printmaking and embroidery. Contemporary Welsh culture, themes of identity, youth and biography are interwoven within themes of folklore, storytelling,  and fantasy which explores the relationship between  narrative and self. Identity and gender are important themes within my practice as embroidery and rug hooking as a medium plays an important role in acknowledging the history of feminine identities and the historical traditional roles of women in the domestic space. The traditionally feminine techniques and mediums seen within my practice also acknowledges the context of my works and the feminist themes and issues that continuously inspires me. 


Printmaking, embroidery and rug hooking is also seen an important subject within in my work as I like to view my work as a homage to the labour intensive nature of the techniques used as well as being continuously inspired by print masters, iconic fibre artists and by the history of traditional printmaking, embroidery and fibre works. 


In contrast, I choose to play with contemporary concepts and imagery that are youthful in spirit, with bright colours, materials, and contemporary patterns, to acknowledge and celebrate the stories, moments and experiences that developed and shaped who we are today. 

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