Llinos Owen (b.1998) is a Welsh Fine Art textile artist originally from North Wales but is currently based and working in South London. 

Llinos Owen's textile practice explores memories, anxieties, people and personal life experiences through the medium of punch needle rug hooking. Owen’s highly personal textile practice explores themes relating to the artist’s identity, personal thoughts and experiences as she views her diaristic inspired pieces as forms of visual storytelling and self portraiture.

Owen's autobiographical textile practice begins with writing, poetry, sketches and photographs and from her diary. The artist started to document her thoughts, anxieties, experiences and struggles with daily life as a young woman in our society, by focusing on themes relating to mental health, personal relationships and anxieties as a form of meditation, which later on unexpectedly led her diary to become her main source of inspiration for her textile works.

Identity and gender are also important themes within Owen's practice as the materials and techniques she explores acknowledges the history of feminine identities by focusing on historically women dominated craft, which blurs the lines between the domestic, the mundane and the gallery space. Although the artist predominantly works with textile materials, Owen's practice is heavily drawing focused and still considers her thinking and approach to making as being very painterly.

Owen has exhibited her textile works in national and international publications, in exhibitions across the UK, as well as a recent solo exhibition titled "Thank Your Lucky Stars" at Orleans House Gallery in London."